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About Laura Kelly-Pifer, Author, of Ramblings Of A Small Town Girl

Welcome! I am so glad that you are here!!

This post here is my first on this website and I am honored that you’re taking the time to read through my thoughts.

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My name is Laura Kelly-Pifer. I’m mom to two adult daughters, one serving over seas in the Peace Corps and the other half way through college. I’m married to a wonderful man and together, we have two dogs and four cats in addition to our beautiful daughters. As an empty nester, I thought life would be dull but I’m reminded daily that there are no dull moments when you have six fur children. I guess that you could say too, that this website, is also like one of my own…it’s currently in its infant stage and will soon be filled with lots of blog posts, articles and tutorials to help those who visit.

A little about me. I work full time in Corporate America in addition to writing for my blog. I am also a Certified Self Discovery ™ Coach and have helped people from all over the world with my coaching sessions, facebook posts and blog posts.

When I first started blogging over a decade ago, I focused mainly on health and fitness and I loved doing that but there was something that was missing and I couldn’t put my finger on it until I myself, had to go through some crazy, scary life changing things.

It was then that I knew that I had to make some changes, both in my personal life and in my life as a blogger and I began to work on that. I now share these life lessons with folks here on my blog so that they too can create their own best life.

As I write this post, I know that my blog is not perfectly designed. At least not YET! I know that it doesn’t have all of the pretty photos, the SEO worked out and all of the other stuff that bloggers do to help get their blog noticed. At least not YET! But it will and one day, you’ll be on here and say to yourself….”WOW! Laura did it. Check out her blog!”

I tell you all of this because I am doing something that I tell my own coaching clients. Life does not have to be perfect to start working on your dream. You don’t have to have everything figured out. You just have to start and work on it as it comes.

So that’s one reason why this post is up. If I waited until everything was perfect, you would be sitting here reading someone else’s blog post and not mine. Am I right?!

So my intention is to write posts that are meaningful, that are helpful, that give you motivation and inspiration to go off and create the kind of life you want.

I hope that you’re just as excited about being here as I am with sharing all of the things that are to come. If you’d like to be on the list to be notified when blog posts are published, click here.

With Love,


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