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My name is Laura Kelly-Pifer.

I’m mom to two adult daughters, one working actively as an EMT with a goal to eventually pursue Medical School and the other, is still in college and working towards owing her own business. I’m married to a wonderful man who recently retired after serving 6 years in the USMC and a career of almost 27 years at UPS. Together, we have one dog and four cats in addition to our beautiful daughters.

As a fairly new empty nester, I thought life would be dull but I’m reminded daily that there are no dull moments when you have five fur children as well as have a newly retired hubby, work full time, volunteer and have multiple businesses that you both run. We’ve never been busier (or so it feels some days) but having been a parent and having to juggle work, home life, building a business in addition to working, school stuff and more taught me what I needed to know so that I can manage these things now in this stage of life. I now use the same things that I learned to help me overcome the chaos and overwhelm of that period of life in my coaching business to help other mommas make it through those tough years.

A little about me. I have an entrepreneur spirit and love being involved in many things. I work full time in Corporate America in the Financial Services Industry and have done so for the last 14 years, in addition to being a Certified Self Discovery™ Coach, owning a Reseller Business, being an influencer and helping my husband and daughter in their own start up businesses. I volunteer, enjoy family time, girl’s night, love the beach, love animals, enjoy reading and am passionate about helping others.

Life wasn’t always good. In fact, there were a lot of bad days even though it looked like I had everything all together on the outside.

There was a lot of my past that I hadn’t dealt with and that affected the decisions I made, the beliefs I had and insecurities that I felt.

I had been through so much in my life.  As a child, I suffered verbal, physical and sexual abuse which left me with very little confidence and self esteem.  This carried over into adulthood and even in my thirties.  I was saying yes to everyone and everything that was thrown my way trying to prove my worth and show how good I could be.

Over the years, I was diagnosed with multiple chronic pain conditions, lost my job and work family due to “corporate downsizing” and I had no clue what my purpose was.  I was a high school graduate with some college and basic skills or so I thought. I lived 12 hours from “home” not knowing anyone but my husband and had miscarriages that left me broken inside.  Add in the every day hustle and bustle of life as a busy mom, and I became depressed, tired, frustrated and overwhelmed over the years. I settled, just like many other mommas….hoping that one day it would get better.

Getting to the point of almost a mental breakdown and knowing that I was at a point where it felt like I could lose everything, I decided that I had to make some changes.  It wasn’t easy and to be honest, with as bad as things got, if I hadn’t made those changes, I’m not sure where I would be today. I’d probably be 6 feet under and that’s the truth!I I started my journey towards better health and to finding the real me.  The woman who envisioned a different life.  A better life.  The one she deserved.

Deciding that enough was enough, I hired a coach (as well as sought out a therapist for the trauma I had endured as a child), who helped me find the strength to move forward and find what I was missing in my life, who helped me develop systems and processes that helped with the chaos and overwhelm I was dealing with, who taught me how to set boundaries and who helped me build up my confidence and more.

All of this, all the lessons I had been through, good and bad, helped shaped me into the person I am today and who gets to help other momma’s who are feeling tired, overwhelmed, stuck, unloved and more change their lives for the better!

I share with you all of this because I waited way too long to get help and was on the verge of loosing a lot of things and I don’t anyone feeling like I did. I do this through my coaching sessions as well as the emails, blog posts, and social media posts that I write.

Who do I work with? I coach stressed out moms who are looking for a more balanced life while trying to manage both work and home. I help those mommas uncover who they want to be and what they want their life to look like so that they feel fulfilled, motivated and able to tackle what comes their way. We’ll work together to get rid of the feeling of chaos and overwhelm and find a way of life that works for them. It wasn’t along that I was there, in their shoes and I remember what that all felt like living through it. Thats why I do what I do…I don’t anyone ever feeling trapped like I did!

If this sounds like you and you’d like to chat for a bit. feel free to contact me. It would be an honor to talk with you.

With Love,


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