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Passion and purpose.  Have you found yours yet?

I’ll admit that it took me what seemed like forever to figure mine out and when I thought I had I had determined what my path in life should be, things changed and that left me questioning things once again. 

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I knew that I had to figure it out or else, I’d just be settling and getting by, just as I had seen other people do.  They were miserable and I did not want to end up like them.  In fact, I knew deep down in my heart and in my belly that I could not end up like them!

Why do I share this with you?

Well, its because, you might be at that point right now, trying to figure out how you can live a fulfilled, happy and content life so I’m sharing with you the same information that I share with my private coaching clients and that I have personally done in my own life. These tips have helped them with finding their own passion and purpose.

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Here are my tips to help you find you find your purpose and passion in life.

Get real with yourself

Okay, so journaling might be something you do.  It might be something you dread.  However, the only person that can tell you what your life should look like is YOU! Have confidence in yourself that you know the answer and will find your passion and purpose.

I encourage my clients to get real with themselves if they want to find their passion and purpose. That means, sitting down and writing (or even grabbing their computer) and describing what they envision their life to look like.

Some things you can ask yourself are…

What do you like to do and what comes naturally?

What things would you need to do to get better at your natural talents?

For me, what I liked to do and what came naturally was helping others.  So, it was no surprise that I joined a network marketing company and decided to become a health coach and help others in their own fitness journey.  That’s since evolved into more than just physical healthy but one that encompasses the whole being. 

To get better at helping others, I took coaching courses and achieved certifications in various things like accountability coaching, facebook group coaching, health coaching, and more.  Everything that I learned allows me to be a better coach for you!

What’s your heart telling you?

What brings you the greatest joy?  Take a look back and think about it. What are the things that truly make you happy that and that doesn’t feel like work. It’s something that you think about maybe all the time. These answers are going to help guide you into finding your passion and purpose.

Okay, so remember earlier when I said that the only person that can tell you what your life should look like is you?  Well, it’s true. 

Inside of you, you have everything you need to determine that.  Your GPS or your inner guidance system is what is going to help you do that.   Your happiness matters so if something feels right, do it.  If it doesn’t, don’t.  Life is short.  Do what makes your heart happy.

Get clear on what you want to do.

 You’ve been journaling and working on what it is you’re passionate about.  You’re getting close to finding your passion and purpose!

Some additional questions to ask yourself are…

Are these feelings true? 

Or, are they what someone else wants for you?

Be sure that what you’re about ready to do, is what YOU want.  The more clear about it you are, the more chances of it showing up in your life.

 Start setting goals.

 Once you’ve determined what you want to do, getting there is the next step. 

 Do you need to take classes? 

Are you going to relocate somewhere else? 

Start setting goals for yourself.  Make them manageable, make them something that inspires you and give them a timeline.

As you continue to live your life, you may feel that your passion and purpose changes.  Its okay if it does because we grow and become different people as we age.  Our experiences help shape our opinions, interests and all of the other things that make us up.

If you find that you’re stuck or need a little more guidance, I’m help to help.  Share with me what’s going on and let’s chat.

With Love, Laura

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