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How To Get Everything Done And Still Have Time To Enjoy Life

Have you ever woke up, looking at all the stuff that didn’t get done from the day before? And the day before that?  And the day before that? Your To Do list is a mile long and now you have today’s stuff to add to it? UGH!!! Do you want to learn the secret to being able to get everything done and still have time left to enjoy life?

Even if you asked your significant other and the kids to pitch in, it still wouldn’t be enough? There’s not enough time in the day to get your to do list done, let alone, enjoy life.

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I get it.  Please know that you are not alone.  There are so many other women out there going through the same exact feeling of stress and overwhelm.  They are tired and they are frustrated and they simply wish there were a better way to get everything done.  And guess what!  There is.  Life doesn’t have to be that way.  There is a way around this and I’m proof that its possible.

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Let me share with you what my life looked like at one time.

  • owned 3 “work from home” businesses as well as worked full time outside of the home and commuted almost 45 minutes each way, 5 days per week.
  • had 2 children who who were active, needed attention and were in extra curricular activities and still needed me to help with homework.
  • have and still have a husband who deserves my time and attention.
  • had 4 pets that deserved my time and attention too. We now have 6!
  • prepared 3 meals a day for myself and dinner 6 days a week for the rest of the family.  Sometimes more depending on schedules.
  • was working out regularly, meal prepping healthy foods and actively participating in my challenge groups.
  • took time each day to dive in and do personal development work and was taking three courses at one time to help me become a better Coach and business owner.
  • was and still am the primary caretaker of the house.  My children, when they still lived at home, did have their own sets of chores and my husband did what he could , but was away from home a lot during the week because of his job.
  • volunteered and still volunteer for several charities.

and A LOT of this I told myself was that I did it for them. My family.

and it was but it was also for me too.

Why do I share this all with you?  I’m proof that you can make changes in your life and create the kind of life that you want.  I want to share with you how I was able to get everything done done and get to enjoy life on MY terms.

Here’s some simple steps to get you started.


While my list was long of what my day looked like at that time, it could have been longer.  I like to stay busy, was the queen of saying yes!, I liked to feel appreciated, I liked the opportunity for growth and advancement and all of that other stuff, however, I had a lot on my plate and it showed. At that time, I was stretching myself too thin and I wasn’t doing my best and there was no way that I was able to get everything done.

These days, I no longer do that. I take a look at things and and before I commit to anything, I think about how it’s going to affect my life.  The truth is that we can do a few things really well, but you can’t do everything.  Make the time you have matter. 

Here’s how I do this, even now!

Take out your calendar. (If you don’t have one, I suggest you find one as it will help you find balance in your life!)  Look at all of the activities you’re involved in.  Can anything be eliminated, delegated, or automated?  For example, if your kids are in sports and you’re always running them to practice, can you find another parent to car pool with?  I know for me, when I did this, it saved me an hour each day in just “running” kids.


Over the past few years, we’ve really cut back on the things we keep and hold on to.  I’ve been going through our home and donating what doesn’t fit or serve a purpose anymore.  Even papers that used to sit for days on the dinner table are taken care of promptly. I shred stuff daily and I must say that decluttering has been AMAZING!  It feels so good to be able to come in and know that there’s less you have to do because you’ve already taken care of things.

Some other things…When I’m buying clothes, I look for machine wash on the label to save on time…who wants to iron, right!?!  Or I make sure to have my favorite wrinkle releaser on hand! I also make extra at dinner so we have leftovers.  I have at least 2 nights during the week that I don’t have to cook but just reheat.  WOOT!

As far as buying things these days.. We don’t go out and buy like we used to also.  It’s more about making memories with each other verses just having cool stuff.

If you feel like this is one area that stresses you out, think about how you can simplify things. Ask yourself….

  • What would make life easier for you?
  •  Is there anything that you can get rid of or cut down on?  
  • Are there things that you constantly moving from place to place that someone else might be able to use?

Create Standard Systems and Routines.  

I’ll admit that I am a check list maker by nature and I love a good routine.  My day is pretty packed even now with my Coaching and blogging but I know what time and where I need to be and that makes me happy.

This wasn’t always the case though and what’s helped free up my time so I can bust through things are little things that I do each day.  Here’s some of the routine things I do so that I can get everything done.

Sundays are spent planning our meals, getting groceries and even making meals or prepping meals for the week and going over appointments and things we have to get done. When I know I’m going to be super swamped, I’ll use a meal delivery service, like Amazon Prime Pantry where I know that the things we have to have on hand, will be there without the worry of trying to get to the store to get them.

I clean the kitchen up while I’m cooking, putting dishes and pots and pans into the dishwasher as I go.

I make my lunch for the next day from the dinner we’re having and put it in a storable lunch container. Sometimes I have enough for several meals which really makes life easier on a busy day!

I enlisted the help of my children and husband.  For example, after they are done in the bathroom getting ready for the day, they have been asked to wipe down the sink. Still to this day, I ask this be done!

I take my Business building or life lesson courses during my lunch hour and I work on them after the kids are in bed as to not interrupt family time.

While these little systems are routines are small in nature, they free up a lot of my time and it helps me get everything done.  I’m even able to indulge in more self care for myself! As your doing your daily chores, etc. what is taking up a large part of your day?  Can you create a system/routine like I’ve done to free up more of your time?

So, there you have it.  Three simple tips that will help you get everything done so that you can enjoy life.  If I can do this, you can do. You’ve got this. 🙂 What are some ways that you’re making changes in your life. Do share!

With Love,


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